Our Fight

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
2 months 3 weeks 2 days.....

The total times that passed since the holidays started...

Nothing much to be bragged about my holidays...
Thousands Several of books to be finished,
Millions  Many of new recipes to be learnt,
A lot of things to be done,
And the more important thing,
Billions of spirit and strength to be charged as a preparation for the next semester which will be though for a person like me, I guess...

The experiences during this holiday teach me the real meaning of  struggle and fight. As a university student, we might think  that our fight is only for the good result in exam,for the high CGPA, but we had another responsibility actually as the future generation. We are the assets of the nation that will recolor our nation system.

Where are us when other citizens fight for the justice?
What are we doing when some of our friends voice out for democracy?
Where are us when the people scream for the human right?

We are studying
We are sleeping
We are just watching

We are the one who just watching when the elders fight for the future generations,for our generation. Stop watching and ready to fight back. No one can help us except ourselves.

Allah had stated in the Al-Quran :

"...Sesungguhnya Allah tidak merobah keadaan sesuatu kaum sehingga mereka merobah keadaan yang ada pada diri mereka sendiri..."  
[Ar Ra'd : 11]

Some people may not understand what am I talking about. But this may be important to some people and also nothing to do with some people ( for those who doesn't care at all), I guess..Find back our true purpose of life.InsyaAllah.

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